Review: European Goat Milk Infant Formula

You’ve probably heard of the FDA warnings about goat milk formula from Europe. Having lived in Finland, this seems silly to me considering what they add to infant formulas in the United States, like corn syrup.

Not crazy about the packaging, but this is our workaround. Don’t want bugs getting into it!

My 1 month old son gets very gassy with normal formula, so we are using sensitive formula anyway. We went with Holle Bio 1 and so far the experience has been very good! We made this choice since we are familiar with the Holle brand from our time in Finland with our older children.

Holler Stage 1 mixed with water

He gets a mix of breastmilk and formula. We also rotate Plum Organics Gentle Formula which is the best US made formula we could get, but we’ve already run into supply issues with that one. It’s often sold out on Amazon, but a great pick as well.

Plum Organics Gentle… Sold out on Amazon ATM

Whatever you choose, hope your baby is happy and well!